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Steel Glides

Steel Glides

Nylon with Zinc-Plated Steel
Steel-based inserts for smooth gliding action

tilausnumeroD (mm)l (Gauge)h (mm)Std Pack Qtyhinta/pakkaus/kplHinta per kpl
465537201,5-2,5192000 kpl0,32 EUR0,54 EUR
465539221,5-2,5191750 kpl0,38 EUR0,62 EUR
465541251,0-2,5191250 kpl0,39 EUR0,64 EUR
465543281,0-2,5191000 kpl0,41 EUR0,67 EUR
465545301,0-2,519900 kpl0,44 EUR0,72 EUR
465547321,0-2,519800 kpl0,55 EUR0,9 EUR

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