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Cable Lock

Cable Lock

Aluminium Housing
Non-Preformed Cable
Internal locking mechanism prevents cable from being retracted. Cable diameters 3,5 & 5,0 acredited to ISO 17712 & C-TPAT. Easily applied by hand. Non-preformed cable splays on cutting to prevent rejoining. Removed only with bolt cutters. Stocked with unique serial number.

tilausnumeroColormitat (mm)Wire Diameter (mm)Std Pack Qtyhinta/pakkaus/kplHinta per kpl
SECURE-1801Red32223002,5250 kpl3,8 EUR6,2 EUR
SECURE-1802Green32223003,5250 kpltel. Kčtel. Kč
SECURE-1803Blue45403005,0100 kpltel. Kčtel. Kč

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