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Kit for fixing the expansion tank

Kit for fixing the expansion tank

This product is not for sale! Binding material.

Materiaali: sinkitty teräs
Surface finish: galvanic zinc plated.

Kit Contents 1: 1 x 28/30 x 200 console, 1x eye slings, 2x dowel diameter nylon 12, 2x screw DN 571 10x80, 2x washer DIN 125A-10.5 mm

Kit Contents 2: 1x Expansion vessel holder, 1x Maxi hose clamp W1 50-570 galvanized, 2x anchor diameter 10 nylon , 2x screw DN 571-6x70, 2x washer DIN 125A-6.4 mm

tilausnumeroTuotteen nimikpl/pakkaushinta/kpl
OSUEN0000000001Mounting kit for expansion vessel 1 "15,7 EUR
OSUEN0000000032Mounting kit for expansion vessel 3/4 "15,7 EUR
OSUEN0000000010Mounting kit for expansion vessel with tape14,9 EUR
OSUEN0000050570Maxi clamp W1 50-570 galvanized13,4 EUR
OSUEN0000000010Expansion vessel bracket with damping insert12,2 EUR

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